The first edition of the MOOCDys was organized around 7 weeks of classes:

  • Introduction to the course itself (week 0)
  • Common body for all the participants (4 weeks)
  • Specific set of modules for teachers and professionals (2 weeks)
  • Specific set of modules for parents (2 weeks)

The collaborative aspect of this MOOC was very important, and we therefore made it mandatory. In order to obtain a certification, learners had to discuss, exchange and contribute to the content through testimony of the SLD challenges they faced and the solutions and strategies they implemented to overcome their situation.

In addition to the MOOC, 7 webinars were organised in French (the largest learning community), one every week to deepen knowledge on specific topics by interviewing and discussing with experts.

On this website you can login to previous version of the MOOC: LINK

The new one is under construction and will be available soon!

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